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The Nurture Hub

Welcome to our Hub page. The hub supports pupils with social and emotional difficulties. We support children through the principles of nurture. 

The principles of nurture focus on building positive relationships, creating a supportive environment, and promoting emotional wellbeing. These principles help children feel secure and valued, which can lead to improved self-esteem and confidence. Please see our Nurture Award section.
We offer a variety of support and activities in the hub, such as therapeutic play, Lego therapy, zones of regulation, gardening, and therapy animals. Each of these activities can provide children with different opportunities to learn and develop new skills, as well as to express themselves and explore their emotions in a safe and supportive environment.
By focusing on the principles of nurture and offering a range of support and activities, we are helping children to build the social and emotional skills that are essential for their wellbeing and success to make great academic progress