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Remote Learning Due to a Forced Closure


 In the event of the school needing to close due to reasons beyond our control for a short period , pupils should visit the Oak Learning Academy to access work.

The Oak Learning Academy is strategically alligned with the Department for Education. They have worked with subject associations, schools and other organisations, and a wide range of education experts to produce a broad, online curriculum.

Through the website children are able to access 

  • Quizzes to check prior knowledge before a lesson and check learning afterwards.
  • Videos and transcripts of experienced teachers delivering lessons to help familiarise pupils with content before undertaking independent tasks

This work is split into subjects and year groups. You can choose the work that pupils access. 

Click the link to access the website: https://classroom.thenational.academy/subjects-by-year



If the school needed to close for longer than 3 consecutive days, the school and its teachers would supplement the learning via Oak Learning Acadmey through sessions taught via Google Classroom. 




To read information regarding home learning provided during the pandemic - CLICK HERE