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Approach to Teaching

Teaching and learning is the purpose of our school. Effective teaching to promote learning (knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes) requires that experiences, tasks and activities must:

  • Arouse, engage and sustain the pupils’ attention
  • Motivate pupils and sustain their desire to learn
  • Be appropriate in content, approach, and level in order to promote the anticipated learning outcomes
  • Ensure that learning is retained long-term and learnt systematically with clear steps in progression

In our approach to teaching we aim to:

  • Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Achieve high standards
  • Develop the talents of all
  • Provide a safe, secure, caring and supportive atmosphere 

As a school we are always refining and developing our teaching strategies. One of our current key focuses is on how to ensure knowledge is learnt and remembered long term. We are adressing this through the implementation of 'Flashback Learning'. Using one of Rosenshine's key principles, teachers recap learning and attempt to ensure key points of the curriculum are retained and used as a starting point for new learning. 

We take different pedagogical approaches depending on the lesson and unit of work that is being delivered but always aim to underpin it with the opportunity for children to reflect upon and remember previously taught information. 

Each teacher uses the National Teaching Standards to underpin their day to day teaching. Their effectiveness is constantly monitored and observed by the management team to make sure their approach to teaching is always consistent and in line with school expectations. We always strive for high achievement and attainment as well as the very best levels of progress.

Children may be grouped to aid learning if the teacher deems this necessary. We try to allocate at least one Teaching Assistant to each class, although this is not always possible. Teaching Assistants provide a variety of roles including supporting less able and also very able pupils and developing the phonic and reading abilities of the pupils. Teachers and Assistants work successfully as a team to support the learning of all pupils in the classroom.