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Miss Clarke (HLTA), Miss Kelly (TA) , Miss Martin (TA) and Miss Davis (TA)

The Beehive is our specially designed on break out classroom  available from Reception until the end of Key stage 1 for up to 10 pupils .

Our Beehive offers support for pupils who need a little additional help . We pride ourselves on offering a nurturing environment that supports our young people to flourish  and grow in an environment adapted to meet individual needs in line with our key nurture principles. 

We offer a wide range of continuous provision and can accommodate up to 10 pupils. 


Beehive  Class September 2023-July 2024

A big welcome to our new cohort of reception and year one aged pupils who  have  joined us  in Beehive this year.

In our Beehive we  follow  a bespoke version of EYFS  and KS1  curriculum  that is tailored and responsive  to the individual needs  of the children within the group. 

We offer a language rich environment, focusing on developing communication and language,  a hands on  sensory  approach and interactive learning experiences.

 The Beehive Curriculum HOCS - 2023-24.pdfDownload
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Here are some of the activities we have been doing.

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Beehive Gallery

Classroom Activities

The children are supported to build a strong foundation for future success within the specific areas of literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive art and design, alongside the prime areas to include communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. 

Teaching practice is underpinned by nurture and children have many opportunities to develop their sense of self and belonging. 

We  encourage the children to express themselves and develop their ability to communicate their wants, needs, ideas, likes and dis-likes, and   promote their sense of autonomy  through self-regulation strategies and acceptance of  everyday thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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