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At Higher Openshaw Community School we work hard to ensure that every member of our school community – pupils, parents, staff and visitors – feel safe and included. We are an inclusive school and every child, whatever their individual abilities or needs, is equally valued and welcome here. We expect all parents and visitors to understand and support our inclusive ethos.

What does Inclusion mean?

Inclusion is a universal human right. The aim of inclusion is to embrace all people irrespective of race, gender, disability, medical or other needs. It is about giving equal access and opportunities and getting rid of discrimination and intolerance. Inclusion in schools In education ‘inclusion’ describes the right of parents and children to access mainstream education alongside their peers. Inclusion is about providing equal opportunities for all children.

This means that all of the following groups have the same rights:  boys and girls, minority ethnic and faith groups, travellers, asylum seekers and refugees, children who need support to learn English as an additional language, children and with additional educational needs,gifted and talented children,children who are cared for by the local authority, children with disabilities, children with medical conditions, children from families under stress, children at risk of exclusion.

Sometimes children in these different groups may behave in ways that we find difficult to understand. In particular, children with additional needs and/ or disabilities can demonstrate different and even sometimes challenging behaviour.

Our Whole School approach and committment

It is our ethos that all children have an equal right to a full and rounded education and to enjoy high quality learning experiences through which they are able to achieve their full potential. We therefore have exceptionally high ambitions for all of our pupils and expect them to participate and achieve in every aspect of school life. Our commitment to equal opportunities is a crucial aspect of our overall commitment to be a fully inclusive school.



Our Beehive Provision
Our Beehive Provision


The Beehive is our on site classroom provision available from reception until the end of Keystage 1.

The Beehive can accommodate up to 10 children and provides extra support for those, who without individual support, are less likely to make progress in their learning and may struggle to take part in whole school life.

In time, it is expected they will be able to attend most of their mainstream lessons following Beehive intervention,  however this will always be reviewed in the best interest of the child.

The Beehive offers highly targeted support provided by one class teacher Miss Clarke (HLTA) and two teaching assistant Miss Kelly and Miss Abdul. The children participate in a range of core subject activities, and also those requested as part of any Education, health care requirments or SEN early intervention pathways that can be met within a mainstream setting. 

Staff provide a nurturing enviroment to nurture and support each pupil, making learning fun and inclusive for all. See some of our enclosed photographs. For more information on our Beehive please refer to our SEN section. 

27/02/2023 - Our Nurture Lego group had the oportunity to visit legoland. What a great day and experience for our little lego builders.

At Higher Openshaw we have a wide range of interventions to support our pupils mental health and well-being.

Our Learning Support mentor Mrs Hockenhull provides support for those pupils who may require some individual or group nurture and support with emotional regulation. This takes place in our Hub.

The interventions provided include:

  • Mindfullness
  • Quiet breakfast
  • Quiet Lunch
  • Yoga
  • Lego Therapy
  • Gardening Club
  • Always rewards club
  • Direct- one to one low level counselling support
  • Therapeutic Play 

Mrs Hockenhull also works alongside our DSL offering targeted support when required.  Please see the enclosed padlet for more information. 

Where it deemed appropriate referrals may also be made to more specialist interventions with parental consent.

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