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Year 5


Miss Airey and Miss Travis  (TA)

Friday 9th September 2022

Year Five have had a fantastic morning exploring space and learning all about the planets, our solar system and experiencing a launch into space by virtual reality. The children were fully engaged in the experience and have learnt many new facts, which will help us in our current topic, 'Is Space the Final Frontier?'

Tuesday 9th November 2022 

Year Five have been to Manchester Art gallery, where they have observed a range of art. 

While observing some of the art work, we looked at how the art was created, techniques the artist’s have  used and how the art made us feel. 
In the following weeks, we will be creating some of our own interpretations of the art to present in a class assembly / art exhibition on Friday 18th November. 

Following on from our visit to Manchester Art gallery, we held our own art exhibition in school. The children worked extremely hard on their art pieces and should all be proud of them selves... Please take a look at the videos from the build up to our Art exhibition. 

Year Five have enjoyed an 'Introduction to Ancient Greece' workshop, where they have been introduced to the names and ways of some of the most famous Greek Gods and Godesses. As they start their Topic "Who were the Ancient Greeks" 

They also took part in reinacting the story of the Greedy Kind Midas.

For science week, Year Five have enjoyed getting stuck into exploring and experimenting with forces. We have used our knowledge of air resistance and water resistance to create streamlined boats. We put our boats to the test by racing them. The children were then able to evaluate and offer advice to each other on ways to improve our boats.


We then looked at how friction could be useful and experimented making our own zip wires. Th children made predictions on what material would create the least amount of friction, to make the most thrilling zip wire experiences. Following this, we looked at how weight can also be a factor in each users zip wire experience. Watch our video to see how the zip wire experiments went. 

Please watch the following video to see our day at Tatton park , where the children experienced a day in the life of a Victorian servant. 

The children learned many skills and experience how hard the Victorian servants worked.