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Children's behaviour and Mental Health


Our School Mental Health Lead is Mr Thackways- Deputy Headteacher

Higher Openshaw Community School Mental Health Statement

Mental Health issues affect children and young people as well as adults, with more than 850,000 children and young people in the UK having been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Since September 2014, Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) has also become a category of Special Educational Needs. Children with a SEMH need will receive support in school. As part of our ethos’, we aim to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for our whole school community (children, staff, parents and carers), and recognise how important mental health and emotional wellbeing are to our lives, in just the same way as physical health. We recognise that children’s mental health is a crucial factor in their overall wellbeing and can affect their learning and achievement. All children go through ups and downs during their time at school and some face significant life events.

 At Higher Openshaw Community School, we endeavour to promote positive mental health. We offer a community of support, and will ensure that:

  • we help our children to build emotional resilience
  • we help our children to develop self-esteem
  • we help our children to develop confidence
  • we help our children to develop their social skills
  • we help our children to feel valued and a part of our school community

Mental health is not just the absence of mental health problems. We want all children to:

  • Feel confident in themselves.
  • Be able to express a range of emotions appropriately.
  • Be able to make and maintain positive relationships with others.
  • Cope with the stresses of everyday life.
  • Manage times of stress and be able to deal with change.
  • Learn and achieve

We provide high levels of Pastoral Support at including, Positive Play, PSHE Jigsaw and access to many outside agencies including counselling. We encourage children to talk about any issues that are worrying them, and train our staff to be mindful of children's emotional and mental well being. Any concerns are passed to our SENCo, mental health lead or Designated Safeguarding Officer (as appropriate) to ensure children are properly supported in school.

We work in close partnership with outside agencies, including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), the Educational Psychology team and Behaviour Support to ensure the best outcomes for our children.

In addition to children’s wellbeing, we recognise the importance of staff mental health and wellbeing. Our staff wellbeing team are working together to ensure positive mental health is actively promoted.

Nurture Award

For more information see our Nurture section on or website

Young Carers

A young carer is someone under 18 who helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.

The Young Carers in Schools (YCiS) initiative is run jointly by Carers Trust and The Children's Society.

What might a young carer do?

  • Practical tasks, such as cooking, housework and shopping.
  • Physical care, such as helping someone out of bed.
  • Emotional support, such as talking to someone who is distressed.
  • Personal care, such as helping someone dress.
  • Managing the family budget and collecting prescriptions.
  • helping to give medicine
  • Helping someone communicate
  • Looking after brothers and sisters.

Higher Openshaw Community School works in partnership with Manchester City Council Young Carers services to support youn people.

Manchester Young Carers


We believe its is really important that we nurture and promote the behaviours linked to our core values of Higher Openshaw Community School these include Responsibility, Respect, Courage, Ambition & Pride. The development of these should not be left to chance so they are embedded across our curriculum.

Promoting positive behaviour goes beyond ensuring compliance and children doing as they are told. Therefore, all of our staff, through their interactions with the children, will be promoting our values and the associated behaviours. However, in maintaining order across the school, we shall also be talking about our three very simple school rules which we expect everybody to follow.

  1. Be ready to learn
  2. Be respectful to all
  3. Be safe

Rewards & Sanctions

The behaviours we expect to see are made clear to the children on a regular basis. These are recognised and rewarded in a variety of ways. However, where children make inappropriate choices or behave in a way that is not acceptable, the approach to resolving that is clearly and consistently followed across the school. Whilst our approach is consistent, the consequence given might vary as there is not a 'one size fits all' model. We train our staff and senior leaders to explore the severity of the behaviour, the child's individual needs and the context in which the behaviour has taken place when deciding on the most appropriate consequence. 

 If you are ever concerned about the behaviour of a child, we would encourage you to speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance. If you are not able to resolve your concerns then you can contact one of our senior members of the Leeadership Team.

  • Mr Thackway
  • Mrs Mellor
  • Mrs Hutchinson
  • Mr Dent- Headteacher

At Higher Openshaw Community School, we believe the focus should be on the positive. Therefore, we try to separate the behaviour from the child and ensure they understand every day is a fresh start and they are loved no matter what. Relationships matter and this is why our approach goes beyond simply maintaining an orderly and compliant school.

Zones of regulation Information

Class Dojos

ClassDojo is a simple, safe classroom management app that helps teachers encourage students in class. At Higher Openshaw Community School we want to help them focus on building important life skills such as working hard and participating. We encourage this by embedding the pupil reward system with the School RESPECT values.

Although rewards are central to the encouragement of good behaviour, realistically there is a need for sanctions to register the disapproval of unacceptable behaviour and to protect the security and stability of the school community.

Class Dojo is therefore also linked to the consequences and sanctions system and is used to highlight pupil bad choices throughout the whole day.

Conflict Resolution

At Higher Openshaw Community School we take great care and process to resolve any conflicts which may arise between pupils. This is firstly done through children reporting any problems to a member of staff. All parties involved including any witness will then discuss what has happened (scribed if necessary) to get a fair reflection of the situation. A member of SLT or the mentoring team will then investigate and gather a verbal account from both sides.

Children will then sit together, discuss what’s has happened and how it has made the other person feel. Appropriate sanctions if any will the be made based on our behaviour policy.

To read our latest behaviour policy see the enclosed document file or click on this page.

 Behaviour Policy updated 2022.docxDownload
 Dealing with Violence & Aggression Policy SEP 2022.docxDownload
 Disability Equality Policy SEP 2022.docxDownload
 Home school communication Policy 2022.docxDownload
 Inclusion Policy SEP 2021.docxDownload
 Managed move policy 2022.docxDownload
 Physical Intervention policy Sep 2022.docxDownload
 School Complaints procedure & Policy SEP 2022.docxDownload
 Suspensions & Exclusions Policy SEP 2022.docxDownload
 Well-being Policy 2022.docxDownload
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